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A Double Fun For Both The Father And The Child

They are one-and two-seater vehicles, all terrain, and they are sweeping the market because they are vehicles of a size suitable for the smallest and manufactured with a unique system of optimal safety control.

Battery of an electric car

The distance to where an electric big boy toys cars can go depends on several factors.

Certain models of electric cars may run longer than others.

For example , the RC 25W electric car with MP3 has a 6V 4AH 1 battery and takes about 12 hours to be fully charged.

The weather can also influence the mileage along with the temperature and charging of accessories, such as remote control system or MP3. The type of use and the terrain where it circulates is also a fact to take into account.

Power of an electric car

There are vehicles that can reach 3 kilometers per hour with a power of 30 w . They are electric car with a good performance and an optimal capacity.


Buying an electric car is an important decision.

Buyers should be aware of the capabilities and conditions of these vehicles when performing proper maintenance.

Once they decide that an electric car is the right choice for them, they can choose the make and model they want.

In our complete catalog you can see and compare the different electric cars we can offer in Tecnocio.

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