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Advantages Of Bargain Beds

The latex in bargain beds has a great resistance to sagging and a soft touch very adaptable to the body.

The firmness of the bargain beds is medium / high and are generally advisable for those who do not support hard beds and they like a soft host that eliminates when sleeping the pressure on the muscles, therefore, it is usually recommended for older people, since As we gain in years, we lose muscle mass.

Among its main advantages we highlight:

  • They are adaptable and firm at the same time. The bargain beds fits very well to the shape of our body, so they are suitable for sleeping on your side or face up.
  • On the one hand, it adapts to the body naturally and very soft. In addition, they provide a feeling of softness and are fluffy.
  • They have a long duration. Lacking mechanical elements such as springs, they last longer.
  • They provide great resistance to sagging. It does not “catch” the body when lying down, because it allows to move easily in the beds.
  • Its firmness is medium / high and are recommended for people who do not like very firm beds or those who need to sleep without noticing pressure points anywhere on the body.
  • The latex is not thermoadaptable, therefore we do not transmit the temperature of our body to the beds, giving more sensation of freshness than the viscoelastic.
  • Due to its softness and adaptability, a bargain beds is ideal for articulated bed bases or electric beds.
  • Perfect ventilation for air to circulate continuously.
  • It is resistant to mold, bacteria and dust mites.
  • The bargain beds adapt perfectly to the shape need without suffering any bitterness or other damage, also it maintains maximum adaptability and support.

How to Care for Bargain beds

 Flip them from time to time to prevent them from warping.

  • Use breathable covers (preferably natural materials) for the beds to breathe.
  • Replace the beds with a new one every 10-12 years, due to material deterioration and hygiene.
  • When unpacking the beds it is advisable to leave it a few hours in a ventilated place. New products may give off some odor at first, but disappear within a few days of use.
  • To prolong the useful life of the beds it is necessary that the weights are evenly distributed. To do this, you have to turn the beds once a month across and across.
  • To avoid deformation and humidity you must always use a base that allows the beds to perspire.
  • The wooden bed bases are the suitable base for the bargain beds.

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