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Apply The Makeup Foundation Correctly

Anatomical sponge : its anatomical shape ensures a complete adaptation to the contours of the face. And its tip termination, allows to cover the area of ​​the eye contour, nose and mouth. The rounded end adapts to any type of face providing a homogeneous result. If it is used in dry, the finish is more cover and, if it is used in humid it obtains a makeup more smooth and natural.

If your base is fluid or creamy, ideally place the product on a palette of methacrylate and help you with a brush or sponge, take the product slowly to spread throughout the face. In case you do not have this surface, you can use your hand as support.

Apply the ofra cosmetics foundation from the center of your face to the outside. Start with the nose and see blurred by other areas . Do not use a lot of product as the effect will be totally unsightly: cuts between the face and neck, mask effect … Do not apply much product on your eyelids, as you can leave them greased and its effect will not be the same.

Depending on the type of skin, the brightness of the face can be accentuated to a greater or lesser extent. To counteract its appearance it is advisable to choose the products we use, both cosmetics and makeup.

In order to combat the appearance of glitter, it is best to use oil-free bases to avoid giving excess fat to the skin . Although it is also recommended to apply powders all over the face with a brush with small touches and thus ensure a matte finish. ofra cosmetics highlighter is very nice to use and it works well.

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