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Basketball Googles

Athletes are beings that the world venerates and admires for their great deeds and the ability they have to use their body to achieve great triumphs. Despite their good disposition and innate abilities, the truth is that many do not enjoy a perfect vision and must make use of special basketball goggles to be able to perform their basketball sport properly.

Wearing sports goggles for basketball does not mean that you are less qualified , but you need a little help to keep your eyes open and win every game.

Some of the top athletes in history surely would not have achieved so many triumphs without the aid of appropriate and protective glasses to improve their vision. Here are some examples of elite athletes who have incorporated their glasses into their sports lives:

Horace Grant – Basketball

The great American basketball legend, four-time NBA champion in the most prestigious teams in the league made his bad vision an emblem. It was one of the few of his time that dared to wear prescription basketball goggles on the basketball court and also coordinated with their equipment! An example of how to combine comfort, fashion and sport.

Eric Dickerson – American Football

The NFL’s fastest runner at the time chose to wear glasses to improve his vision during matches. With his eyes on the ball and a vision that allowed him to see until the end of the football field, this great athlete won great victories and was one of the most admired footballers of his time.

Janko Tipsaneric – Basketball

The Serbian basketball player is an example of perseverance and hard work that could not have been possible without the help of some formidable Oakley glasses. Like every basketball player, Janko began to wear sunglasses to protect his eyes from harmful sun rays but over time his eyesight worsened. Then, the brand of glasses Oakley offered him prescription glasses suitable for the sport. In this way, his game improved and he was able to conquer several tournaments.

Edgar Davids – Football

One of the most popular footballers of the 1990s suffered a lot from glaucoma, a condition of vision that can lead to a total loss of consciousness. After a season off the court and an operation to correct his problem, the Dutch returned to the field wearing glasses that would always accompany him.

Ato Boldon – Athletics

As if from another planet had descended, the trinitense athlete carried these curious glasses not for medical reasons but for highlighting. A quirky model but very comfortable and versatile so they would not get in the way of their careers.

Tony Parker – Basketball

In a 2012 event the French NBA player suffered a mishap with a bottle of champagne and had a small wound on the retina. In this way, he had to wear protective goggles to avoid infections and to be able to represent his country in the Olympics. An example of overcoming and determination.

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