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Casio Sheen Baby-G Baby-G Watches

The casio sheen baby gshock watches are designed for cosmopolitan, elegant, simple and sophisticated women. It is the collection of watches for the current woman that is characterized by being unique and varied, where it is easy to find a model that fits your needs.

The Sheen watches are made with the highest quality. The materials used in these designs stand out for their great properties: titanium, ceramic, sapphire crystal, leather Swarovski crystals …

In this collection of watches we can find two lines, Sheen Classic and Shen Bluetooth.

The Sheen Classic collection is characterized by its timeless and sophisticated design that convinces by its great taste. They are perfect for daily wear without falling into the routine of monotonous watches.

The Sheen bluetooth collection is perfect for those women who like to live together with their Smartphone and not be able to see it. Through the Bluetooth connection, this smart female watch is synchronized with a compatible smartphone to allow access to the time in two different places and the practical Phone Finder function, among other functions.

The casio sheen are the perfect companion for all women who enjoy every moment, whether a formal meeting, a party, a date couple …


The Casio Pro Trek watches are designed for all kinds of adventures, no matter how risky and dangerous they are. They are the perfect companion to trust. Pro Trek has built-in the best features to never leave you: solar power, digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer …

The Pro Trek watches perfectly combine technology more innovative with the designs and more resilient and robust materials. Mountain, valley, forest, water … No atmosphere is a problem for the Pro Trek of Casio.


In the line of Casio Collection watches collect the most classic watches of the brand. They are simpler and more traditional designs of the Casio brand.In this collection include watches for women and men, analog and digital.

The watch par excellence of this collection are the retro rectangular watches: gold, silver, made of anti-allergic steel or rubber rubber, in various colors …

These are the most relevant collections of Casio watches, but they still have two more: one dedicated to sports watches, Casio Sport, and another collection designed for alarm clocks, Wake Up Timer.


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