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Cracks, irritation, dry skin: if these problems are permanent

The problem of chronic skin irritation is in 20% of the population. This condition can be expressed in the following forms:

cracks. The problem areas, usually exposed to cold in winter – the lips and hands, as well as areas of best natural skin care that are subject to friction.

dry skin. It can appear as dry areas on the cheeks, around the lips and on the hands, especially in children.

seizures – cracks in the corners of the lips.


The cause of the problem: fragile skin

If skin irritation is a recurring problem, then it can be associated with the fragility of the skin . The skin is much more sensitive to external influences, as well as constant friction. Wind and cold, for example, can cause irritation.


Daily activities

In order for the treatment to help, you need to be attentive to small things. It is possible to reduce pain from damage and accelerate the healing process by performing the following procedures on a daily basis:

  • First, clean the irritated or damaged area with thermal water.
  • if necessary, use a protective mesh.
  • 2-3 times a day, use a special tool to protect the skin and accelerate its recovery.
  • after healing, think about using a product with a UV filter to reduce the risk of pigmentation.
  • after healing, use suitable make-up.
  • If symptoms persist, consult a dermatologist .

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