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Custom Suits

Custom Suits – Many times, the bride and groom are having trouble thinking that custom jack victor sport coat are also for us. Nobody is surprised if a bride makes a tailored suit, in fact, it is customary. The bride must be perfect and radiant … but what about the boyfriend? The boyfriend is also the protagonist of the link, and therefore their desire for coquetry is more than justified.

Today in Sir Lucky, we are going to talk about the advantages of having tailored suits, leaving behind the complexes so that you dare to take the step.

5 Advantages of custom suits:

 A suit a body

Not all bodies are the same, so the grooming suit with conventional cuts does not have to suit everyone. We tend to believe that within the world of the suit there are not many options, however that is not quite true. There are many modifications within the style of the suit that make two suits in the same model are completely different. The main advantages of tailored suits, is that they conform to the needs of your body, giving a spectacular result.

Comfort guaranteed

Tailored suits have a very obvious pro, they are much more comfortable than any suit carved by conventional patterns. Nothing “pulls me to the shoulders” or “I can not raise my arms well” … If you have opted for custom suits, ease of movement and ease are guaranteed!

Your suit is you

Your suit is unique just as you are. You can feel the certainty of being unique and special on your wedding day with a suit that nobody will ever have except you.

More than a memory

Your tailored suit will be for you forever, it will be yours. Nothing to return it the next day because it was rented. This little treasure will be yours, and with it, you will always keep the memory of a day to remember. In addition to that you will be able to put it back in other occasions in which the protocol allows it. Is not it fantastic?

One hundred percent personal

And finally, from Sir Lucky we believe that another of the great advantages of tailored suits, is that the suit will be one hundred percent as you want. Customized to your taste, without having to adapt to what dictates no fashion. You will choose how the suit will be in its entirety, resulting in a unique piece!

If after reading this, you have wanted to have a tailored suit, contact us and we will give you all the information of what Sir Lucky can offer you.

Happy day to everyone!

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