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Detailed Explanation Of The Gift Card Giveaway Program

The Gift Card Giveaway Program is a cooperative effort of many independent organizations around the world.

Sponsoring participants in the program are manufacturers, importers, exporters, e-shopping sites, marketing research companies, consumer list managers, consumer preference organizations, financial assistance organizations, advertising agencies, magazine marketing companies, targeted advertisers and the list of participants is growing every day.

The idea behind the program is to help consumers stretch their gift giving budgets by compensating them with free products and services in exchange for marketing information about those products and services and/or for information about their marketing preferences and demographic information.

Examples of how the Gift Cards are sponsored:

Leather Clothing & Accessories Gift Card – A leather e-shopping site wants consumer preference feedback about styles and types of products that American consumers want to purchase from their web site. They are sponsoring a $75.00 Gift Card to be used to purchase leather items like men’s, women’s and children’s leather jackets, vests, gloves and wallets. For security reasons, most leather products are delivered to the consumer’s home or office by FedEx. No P.O. Boxes.

Retail Gift Cards – A marketing research company needs information about competitive pricing and product availability of certain products at retail stores in North America. They are doing a study on how prices vary from market to market depending upon the competition. By having people all over the USA gather the information that they need in exchange for gift cards, they save a lot of money.

They don’t have to pay someone to go to each store check out the retailers that they are studying. Instead they give a gift card to people who promise to gather the marketing information that they need in exchange for a shopping spree at that store.

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