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Hello and thank you for visiting Promotions.. We are now entering Our 28th year of serving our clients through the efficient & effective use of specialty advertising and custom imprinted promotional products and premiums.

Our mission is to align with our clients to achieve their marketing objectives through providing products and solutions that fit with their requirements, limitations, and goals.

Once we know what it is you want to communicate, who you want to communicate it to, and the associated limitations (i.e. time frame, graphics, budget, distribution etc), Promotions will provide a list of suggested items and solutions that are appropriate to what is needed and wanted. We then coordinate production & shipment of the promotional products desired, making sure they are produced properly and delivered on time.

Please visit our client history to view just a few of the clients & projects we have been proud to be a part of.

Duh Factor:

The “Duh Factor” is a phenomenon that occurs when oversight of the obvious causes undesirable or unacceptable results that could have been avoided. Duh!!! To the degree the Duh Factor is reduced, the possibility for success is opened.

Of course there are countless examples of the Duh Factor. With respect to the Promotional Products Industry, just one example would be where a client has an upcoming event on short notice. Promotions has contacted the manufacturer and gotten the Art Department as well as the Production Department to push things aside and get our order produced in the time frame we needed. Then the order gets to the Shipping Department and somebody ships it via ground. “Duh!!” …and misses the event. Product Arrival the day after the event doesn’t do anyone any good.

In this way Promotions is committed to staying on top of our clients’ orders and making sure the “Duh” Factor is reduced which allows a completely successful result for our customers.

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