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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone In Weight Loss

HCG, also called human chorionic gonadotropin, is a kind of hormone that is produced during pregnancy (on the development of the embryo and placenta).

The main function of hcg diet protocol is to maintain progesterone formation by preventing the breakdown of the ovarian’s yellow body (internal gland secretion). The production of the hormone HCG is very important for a healthy pregnancy. HCG also proved to be effective for an acceptable level of the immune system during pregnancy. There are many key functions of HCG and is the main pregnancy detector as well. HCG in the form of an infection is also effective for weight loss.

HCG shots or HCG injections are actually an easy way to introduce HCG hormones into the body in order to lose weight. Dr. Albert T Semenov researched on artificial HCG, which can be injected into the human body as a great means of significant weight loss. According to the research, HCG shots combined with a certain diet can really help us lose weight. HCG images are injected into the muscle or under the skin. However, HCG shots should not be a self-injection.

HCG Shots for Weight Loss: Benefits

In 1950, Dr. Albert Semenov learned a formula that offers a combination of a certain low carb diet plan with shots HCG can work wonders and help lose weight 1 how much is one pound sterling per day. HCG shots are supposed to reduce body fat and not lean tissues, so it’s very safe to use them. Many people claim that these shots or HCG injections actually make the weight loss procedure very easy, without problems and systematic. They also argue that HCG shots are a real booster for metabolism and ultimately weight loss.

There are several rules for using HCG frames for weight loss. You must follow a strict meal plan. The daily diet of a person using HCG injection for weight loss follows a diet of carbohydrates of less than 500 calories a day! Along with HCG shots, a person should also eliminate things like sugar, artificial sugar substitutes, flour and a lot of such things that could upset the 500 calorie daily charts. Anyone who uses HCG for weight loss must switch to full organic food, rely mainly on salads and raw food. It is also called as a HCG diet for weight loss.

HCG for weight loss: Disadvantages

  • Those who use HCG frames for weight loss often show some signs of blood clotting, like severe headache, dizziness, redness and irritation of the skin, tingling in the hands, numbness of the hands and feet and confusion as well.
  • Some women using HCG injection for weight loss have developed a disease called Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS), which is a serious disease .
  • HCG frames for weight loss can be the cause of early puberty in boys, such as the depth of voice, increased acne, hair growth and increased sweating.
  • Many people also develop a number of conditions like a rash, difficulty breathing, swelling of the face, mouth, eyes and lips, depression and pain.

Persons suffering from certain medical conditions, such as the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, ovarian cysts, cancer, heart disease, epilepsy, kidney disease, asthma, migraine and undiagnosed uterine bleeding should always consult a health professional before taking HCG for weight loss . Using HCG injection can increase the chances of multiple pregnancies. Pregnant women should not use HCG for weight loss, as it can develop some permanent birth defects in newborns. In addition, there can be further complications if a person misses a timely injection of HCG.

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