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Merchandise Fulfillment & Delivery

Optional Gift Boxes with Prepaid Delivery included – High quality professionally wrapped gift boxes that include gold or silver ribbon and bow are available.

A prepaid Standard, Premium or FedEx Delivery certificate comes with each gift box.

Gift Box with prepaid Standard Delivery of the gift: $5.95

Gift Box with prepaid Premium Delivery of the gift: $11.95

Gift Box with prepaid FedEx Delivery of the gift:      $20.00

There is a $2.00 shipping and handling charge for each box. Order 20 or more gift boxes and the shipping and handling charge is waived.

You will receive details about Gift Boxes when you receive your Gift Cards.

Shipping, Handling & Taxes  – The Gift Cards provided through this program cannot be used to pay for shipping, handling, processing charges, duties, excise tax or sales tax. All Gift Cards are void where prohibited or regulated. Some Gift Cards require high value items such as jewelry and leather items to be delivered only by FedEx for security and tracking purposes. All FedEx deliveries are guaranteed that if the package is lost or stolen before delivery, it will be replaced free.

Merchants are responsible for delivery of items ordered through their respective Gift Card programs. Uniform delivery charges per item for all Internet and Mail Order Merchants – Standard Delivery (No Tracking): $5.95 – Premium Delivery (USPS tracking – not guaranteed): $11.95 – FedEx Delivery (Tracking & Guaranteed Delivery): $20.00 – Retail Gift Cards must be redeemed at a retail location.

No delivery charges apply because you are required to go to the retail store to redeem your gift card. The Gift Card recipient should check the merchant’s web site for terms and delivery information about the products that they order.

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