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How We Use Your Information

The Company uses the information it collects from you in a variety of ways including to process your membership or purchase transaction, to improve the content of our Site to address your preferences and to attract new users.

To track user trends and patterns on the Internet so that we may inform users about products and services that may be of interest to them.


Terms and Conditions

Children’s Privacy Statement – In general, the Site does not direct its activities or market products appropriate for children under the age of 13. It is the policy of the Company to refrain from knowingly collecting personally identifiable information from children age 12 or under.

If future Site activity is directed at children 12 or under, it is the Company’s policy to include parental notice and/or consent features consistent with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.


The Gift Card Giveaway Program

The Gift Card Giveaway Program is able to offer its free and low cost services in part, based on the willingness of our users to be reached by our marketing partners; these include third party advertisers.

By allowing the Gift Card Giveaway Program to make the information you supply available, you will receive free information on products and services, which may be of interest to you.


Spam Policy

The Gift Card Giveaway Program is committed to stopping spam. That is why we require you to specifically opt-in and subscribe to our list and our marketing partner’s lists.

By entering your email address at this site, you will automatically become a member of the Gift Card Club at no charge and you will start to receive our membership mailings from: &


Gift Card Giveaway Terms

Qualifications to Register for the Gift Card Giveaway – You must be a US resident, be at least 18 years old and have your own email address that you regularly use to receive email correspondence.

You agree that all communication about customer service or delivery issues with the Gift Card Giveaway Program will be through web based email at


Zodiac Give Away

Gemstone & Pearl Birthstone Gift Cards – You can sign up yourself to receive a free Birthstone Gift Card on your birthday. You can also sign up friends and family to receive notification that a Birthstone Gift Card is available for their birthday.

If you sign up friends or family, we will contact that person to tell them that you signed them up to receive this free Birthstone Gift Card.


Details About Each Category Of Gift Card

Retail Store Gift Cards – Retail Gift Cards must be redeemed at a retail location. These retailers are NOT sponsors of the retail Gift Card Giveaway program. The funding for this portion of the program comes from the organizations seeking the marketing research information.

These marketing research organizations may or may not need to gather information in your area.


Merchandise Fulfillment & Delivery

Optional Gift Boxes with Prepaid Delivery included – High quality professionally wrapped gift boxes that include gold or silver ribbon and bow are available.

A prepaid Standard, Premium or FedEx Delivery certificate comes with each gift box.

Gift Box with prepaid Standard Delivery of the gift: $5.95


Electronic Fitness Give Aways And Their Delivery

Electronic Fitness Equipment Gift Cards – Electronic Fitness Equipment manufacturers, importers, distributors and marketing companies want to gather consumer preference feedback and to find out whether or not electronic fitness equipment works for that consumer.

The products are delivered to the consumer’s home or office by FedEx—if the consumer agrees to answer some questions about the products and their performance. In exchange for this information, the consumer gets to keep the product(s).


Accessories Gift Away

Jewelry Gift Cards – Jewelry manufacturers, importers, distributors and marketing companies want to gather consumer preference feedback about styles, colors preferred gemstones and other information about their products.

In some cases a package is delivered to the consumer’s home or office with several styles and colors of jewelry if the consumer agrees answer some questions about the products and their preferences.