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Poker Strategy

In online poker , as in any other profession, continuing education is an important factor in developing ahead. If you do not develop your knowledge, supplement them – sooner or later you will not just stop earning money, but also start losing money, because there are always stronger rivals.

How to build an effective training strategy and most importantly how to adhere to it, we will try to describe in this article.

1) The first thing you need for effective study is a plan.

And your plan should be real for execution, and not the kind of “I want to earn a lot of poker money in a month.” Make a real study plan for the day, print it out and hang it in front of you – so you visualize it additionally. An approximate plan for effective learning can be as follows: 1 hour of theory, when you read articles and watch video, 1 hour of game, 1 hour of parsing session, error analysis and search for articles on this topic on the Internet.

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2) Individual training

If you have additional funds for your development in poker, then pay attention to individual training. They are effective because you do not have to guess where you made mistakes, it’s for you to make a qualified coach. Also, the coach will be able to guide you directly during the game and correct minor mistakes.

3) Analysis of the game

There are two approaches to analyzing your game: the analysis of specific hands and analysis of the entire session. Both methods are effective for training, so alternate them. When analyzing a complex distribution, you consider a specific situation and draw conclusions about the correctness of your decision, in the analysis of the same session you will be able to detect minor errors that, if regularly occurred, lead to a loss of profit.

4) Psychology of teaching

You need to realize that sometimes the results of the game do not tell you how effectively you are training. It may be that you will lose for a while, while successfully mastering new strategies and techniques in poker and even successfully using them. But the nature of poker is such that losses are inevitable. Do not drop your hands and move on the planned plan further, and soon your training will bear fruit in the form of real income. You can start the game easily, making a no deposit bonus in poker .

5) Material Assimilation

Do you remember how they forced us to learn poetry at school? To make this easier, you read the verse several times out loud, thereby memorizing it. It’s the same with learning poker. If some material is given to you hard and you can not remember it – read it out loud several times. So the material is better to be deposited in your head.

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