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Undoubtedly, this diversity of technologies is an excellent news for large corporations and institutions, as well as for the average consumer. The casino is one of those establishments that received huge benefits due to technical progress.

Security in land and online casinos

Naturally, a significant part of the technologies used in the Best Online Casino concerns security.

In a terrestrial casino, fabulous amounts of money turn around, which, of course, attracts criminals. In addition to real money, you can steal tokens from game halls (especially in cities such as Las Vegas) and use them as cash.

In addition, the games themselves need to be protected in order to ensure a safe and fair game for both players and casinos. The owners of online casinos should not only make sure that their games are safe and fair, but also protect the personal data of thousands, if not millions, of customers . That’s why they need to have first-class security systems. And yet there are a lot of questionable sites, so it’s important to read reviews if you do not want to risk and be deceived.

Security in terrestrial casinos: amazing technologies that you did not know about

Nowadays, the mafia has nothing to do with casino management, so security is not related to shelling and fractures of the kneecaps. But the robbery in the style of “Ocean’s Eleven” may pose a threat to the money of customers and casinos. The casinos of the 21st century use many sophisticated technologies to protect themselves and you.

Face Detection

When you enter the ground casino, your face is scanned by cameras and the biometric face recognition system compares you to the databases of criminals and players who are not allowed to play. Some of these systems simply store photos and are viewed by staff; and some are so advanced that even wigs and a false nose can not fool them.

RFID Identification Chips

Some individual tokens that can be easily and quietly hidden in your hand and put in your pocket cost more than $ 25,000. Needless to say, they need to be guarded, and then the technology of radio frequency identification comes into play.

Expensive tokens, and in some casinos and each counter, have a built-in radio tag that transmits the signal at a unique radio frequency. This not only helps the casino track valuable tokens, but also allows you to detect fake ones without even seeing them.


If players, who constantly cheat, work together, the casino (and other visitors) can lose a lot of money. The casinos can use the NORA implicit link detection system, which scans huge databases containing information on transactions known to scammers, casino employees, etc., in order to identify relationships and relationships that a person may not catch.

The NORA system learns if two players who win big at one table go to the university together, or if the dealer and the winning player have grown on the same street.

Security of online casinos: ensuring the safety of money around the world

Online casinos are a relatively new phenomenon, but for their short existence they have become an influential industry that is estimated at billions of dollars. With this level of income and a large number of players around the world, online casino security technologies must be first-class.

Random number generator

Generators of random numbers are the basis of a secure online casino. Without a really reliable generator of random numbers, casino games can be used either by players or by the casino. The best, most reliable online casinos will transparently use the technologies of their random number generators. Banking Security

The most important factor of reliability of an online casino is, perhaps, banking security. The online banking segment has changed a lot, and most people use its services. However, if the appropriate measures are not taken, online banking can have vulnerabilities. The duty of online casinos is to make sure that they use a first-class online banking security system to protect the data of thousands of customers and ensure the safety of tens of millions of dollars.

Regulatory and audit bodies

Who looks after the casino? Unauthorized administrators of the institution may distort the operation of the random number generator to steal players. Unfortunately, there are cases when the employees of online casinos tried to use the players for their own benefit.

And then the regulatory authorities come into play. To work legally, online casinos must obtain a license from the regulator. This body will control the casino to ensure honesty in everything – from a financial and ethical point of view.

Verifying bodies are independent, third-party organizations that test the security of a casino, for example a random number generator. If something does not meet the requirements, the casino license can be withdrawn and the casino will be closed.


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