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The Accu Chek Fastclix Lancets, A Vital Device For Diabetic Patients

Accu chek fastclix lancets are vital equipment for diabetic patients because they allow them to take measurements of their blood sugar levels.

Glucose meters or glucometers are electronic devices designed to analyze glucose levels, extracted from capillary blood, that allow diabetics to control their blood sugar levels.

How are accu chek fastclix lancets used?

Most accu chek fastclix lancets are accompanied by a pen with a tiny needle, called the lancet, to remove the blood sample.

The action of the lancet is practically painless and imperceptible. However, although the wound that causes the sample to be taken is very small,

It is important to wash your hands to avoid possible infections. The obtained blood drop is applied to the test strips of the glucometer according to the instructions accompanying the device (which varies by model). Both needles and test strips are disposable and can only be used once. One recommendation is to interleave the different fingers of the hands for the samples, in order to avoid discomfort and the hardness of the same. Correct measures in a diabetic should be between 70 and 100 mg / dl. There are doctors who accept even 120 mg / dl in the postprandial sample (the one that is done after eating). When should the measurement be done?

In a person recently diagnosed with diabetes will need to make several measurements a day,

Which will allow you to realize what makes your glucose out of normal levels. Once regularized, it is important that measurements are taken before and after eating. It is generally recommended that type 1 diabetics measure their sugar levels at least once a day. While in the case of type 2 diabetics, the general recommendation is to measure glucose several times a week. Some recommendations for the use of capillary glycemia meters

Wash hands thoroughly before each blood draw.

The glucometer must be adapted to the type of patient, who must be taught how to operate the meter

In order to carry out the tests, the instructions of each apparatus that are relative to each model must be followed

The patient should make sure that when removing the strip from the container it is tightly closed

It should be checked periodically that the strips are not expired and that the tube code corresponds to the one that reflects the glucometer (certain models of glucometer require the entry of a code, each time new lancets are bought)

It is also necessary to carry out the quality controls, to monitor the expiration dates of the control solutions and the strips

Each time a new test strip box is used, the meter must be calibrated by typing the calibration factor that appears on each box. Some devices include a calibration strip that automatically enters the calibration factor

In our pharmacies you can find glucometers of various models such as: One-Touch, Optium, Contour TS and Accu Chek Performance.

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