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Tools needed

  • Dryer , whatever is worth but if you have to buy one, get yourself a good Philips Hairdryer to be able to be ionic and with temperature regulation.
  • Roller or comb of skeleton , key to go training the hair during drying, although it is true that depending on the style we can use only the hands.
  • Product of pre-styling is not essential but if a good resource to get a fixation base or add volume of additional form.

Basic Guidelines

The Philips Hairdryer must be moist not wet, the aim is to expose the hair to the dryer as little time as possible to avoid any damage in it and this can be achieved by drying the hair with a towel.

You can apply a volumizing spray to achieve a finish with an extra base and volume fix or a light paste / ointment if you want to reduce the volume a bit by giving it greater weight and positioning the hair with a superior fixation.

It uses a low temperature, in many cases we will give strokes approaching the Philips Hairdryer to the hair, use a medium or low temperature, and you should notice that the hair does not overheat, it does not suffer or it is abrasive.

If you want to get additional volume, finish the process in the cold position of the dryer.

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